Beautiful Hand Made Organic Phone Case

Get ready for a phone case revolution with this new beautifully crafted eco friendly phone case that will have your friends drooling with jealousy! In today's world, phone cases are a dime a dozen but these cases will set you apart and completely change how you look at phone cases forever!  If you appreciate class and sophistication combined with eco-friendly options then this is where you can make a statement to the world and completely separate your phone from everyone around you! These are the world's coolest phone cases!

An Eco Friendly Phone Case That is as Unique as You

Smartphones today are an essential part of our everyday lives and with technology and devices everywhere we turn, keeping in touch with nature is even more important than ever.  Up to now, phone cases were mundane and generic with little to no personality.  The EkoVitam Organika collection truly connects you to the natural environment, appealing to your senses and allowing you to hold and smell a small part of nature in the palm of your hand.

We have developed a totally unique Organika case range, which is not only made from handpicked and hand crafted natural materials but smells of nature too.  You can choose between the energizing aroma of percolated Coffee, the freshness of Alpine Hay, romantic Roses or the calming and soothing scent of Jasmine. For those who appreciate the simpler things in life, have a love of nature or just like to stand out from the crowd, the new EkoVitam cases are the perfect choice.  If you prefer the natural look of beautiful natural wood patterns and intricate hand made etched designs that make each case unique, then we have your selection as well! Crafted from woods such as Bird's Eye Maple and oil finished by hand, each wooden case is unique because no two pieces of wood are ever the same.


Modern Design and Reliability Meets Nature

Being built from purely natural materials does not however diminish the protection it gives your treasured smartphone. With the use of an organic resin, our team developed a natural protective coating, which doesn’t alter the look of the material itself, but provides the necessary durability and impact-resistance. The coating that overlays each of the four materials on the back of the case, guarantees the durability of the case itself and prevents the natural materials being broken or damaged. The texture of all the chosen materials also provide a perfect grip to prevent your smartphone from slipping out of your hands, avoiding the much dreaded cracked screen!

With it's organic and unique design, these impressive works of art will be prominently displayed as you use your smartphone, letting everyone know that not only are you supporting a pollution free environment, but you are a first mover and trend setter!

We at Do Life Healthier bring you this one of a kind eco friendly phone case.  Visit our shop here to take a look at the designs and begin to imagine the fresh smells of nature at your beckoned call!  We personally use these cases for ourselves and give them away to friends and relatives as gifts! Truly a unique experience that anyone will love!

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